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Entering a new and cozy apartment or house, without any doubt, is the dream of many of us. Having filled out all the necessary paperwork and received the keys to the new home, the happy residents begin planning and dreaming. However, it oftentimes happens that the previous owner or tenant has not taken to heart the End of Tenancy cleaning – and you may need to do it both at your old, and new place. We are there for you not only in all of Greater London districts, but also a bit farther away, including Crawley and the surrounding areas.

Why even bother hiring a professional cleaning company – everyone can clean, don’t they?

Moving your household is sometimes compared with fire.  It requires a lot of engagement and huge amounts of money. Add to that also the time and effort. All the works – packaging, taking the furniture apart, and then putting it back together – are accompanied by the inevitable addition of dirt and debris all over the places. All of this makes a lot of difference compared to the regular weekly chores we are normally used to, and makes the End of Tenancy cleaning particularly tedious:

Not only must you remove all remnants of construction materials (you may have needed to repaint the walls), but also clean the surface from drops and stains, some of which very old; wash the windowsills and windows; luster the floors and the baseboards, scrub the tiles, including tiled walls in the sanitary rooms and the kitchen.

The whole process of bringing the house back to previous shine turns into a long and very annoying distraction before you are able to enjoy and plan your new home.

Such situations arise while cleaning after you move out of your previous apartment or house. All activities create discomfort and dissatisfaction – and may not meet up the homeowner’s expectationsHowever, many you can spare yourself the time and energy that you will otherwise waste, if you turn to a professional cleaning company. With our modest fees and prices, at End of Tenancy Cleaning, we will help you clear up your home in Crawley quickly and efficiently, and thus save you great time and effort.

Moreover, End of Tenancy Cleaning offers not only the standard services, but will gladly throw in disposal of garbage, carpet cleaning, even transport services. Our professional and seasoned employees will make sure that whatever options you choose, they will be performed up to your highest expectations, prompt and of quality. We will take into account all your wishes – just call us and consult our support team about the options, the combinations, maybe even special discounts.

By turning to a professional company, such as End of Tenancy cleaning in Crawley, you can quickly and smoothly go through the turmoil that a moving normally causes. You will be able to save yourself a lot of stress, time, energy – and money, in fact – and in the meantime be able to arrange your new apartment or house. Instead of kneeling all day long to scrub your bathroom times, why not focus on planning a housewarming house? How fun would that be? Spend your time on your job, loved ones, even hobbies – or on turning your new residence into you dream home – while End of Tenancy cleaning does the job for you in Crawley.