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  1. Inform your landlord or letting agent that you intend to move out from the property, even if your tenancy is for a fixed term which is about to end. He may contact you himself to learn whether you wish to renew the tenancy or prefer to leave. Keep in mind that leaving without notifying your landlord means that you still have to carry on paying rent, regardless of the fact that you vacated the flat or house. Check the contents of your tenancy agreement to find out exactly when the notification should take place. Of course, the notice should be given in advance, usually 1 or 2 months prior the date you plan to hand in the keys for the property. It is best to write your notice and keep a copy for yourself – this applies for all tenancy related correspondence and documentation. To save you time, we offer you to use this notice letter template. All you have to do is to fill in the appropriate names and dates.
The easiest way to send the letter is by means of email but it won’t normally be accepted by landlords, unless the tenancy agreement specifically states that this can be done. If you aren’t sure, you can contact your landlord and ask him. Your best options here are posting the notice by recorded delivery or handling it to your landlord in person and asking for a receipt. Needless to say, you need to keep the receipts. For information concerning specific situations, such as ending a tenancy when it is still in the fixed term, or ending a month to month tenancy, read here.
  1. Make a list of all your end of tenancy tasks and revise it each time you have completed a task. Set realistic deadlines and start early so you could have enough time for everything. If possible, delegate some of the relocating tasks and responsibilities or even share them with a family member. Keep track of the progress. You will probably keep thinking and adding tasks to the list, which is good – the more thorough it is, the less likely to miss anything.
  1. Make sure that any repairs for damage that you were responsible for are completed – everything should be left the same way as it was at the very start of your tenancy.
  1. Contact your utility (water, electric, gas) companies and let them know that you are moving. Take a note of water, electricity and gas, provide meter readings. You will also need to end your accounts or change your details.
  1. Let your bank, insurance company, building society, telephone company, etc., know that you are moving and how to contact you. Make all the required arrangements with them.
  1. Don’t forget to cancel any future direct debit arrangements for rent and other charges related to the vacated property with your bank, if applicable.
  1. Contact the Post Office and arrange that your mail is redirected to your new address.
  1. Inform the Department for Work and Pensions of your change of address, in case you are claiming a welfare benefit of any kind.
  1. Inform the Council Tax and Housing Benefit Service that you change your address – if applicable.
  1. If you are leaving the area, don’t forget to inform your doctor, dentist, vet (if you have pets), school (if you have children attending a local one), etc. that you are moving. Collect all the necessary records. If they can’t recommend their colleagues in the area that you are moving to, and you don’t have ones in mind either, make a thorough research and contact the ones that you have chosen.
  1. Inform your cable or satellite operator, as well as your internet provider, that you are moving.
  1. Cancel or redirect regular deliveries – milk, magazines, newspapers, etc. – if you have any.
  1. Cancel or redirect regular services, such as domestic cleaning, ironing services, etc. – if you have any.
  1. See that all sets of keys from the property are available for you to return when the time comes.
  1. Contact your friends, neighbours and colleagues – all the people that you want to know of your moving, and let them know your new address. This is the perfect occasion to throw a great unforgettable farewell party that will make everyone miss you even more. Not to mention that your guests could gladly help you eat and drink most of the content of your fridge and freezer – and you need both good and empty, and defrosted before the start of the end of tenancy cleaning. So enjoy your last party in the old place and don’t forget to take pictures!

Step 1

Make all the necessary arrangements

Step 2

Book a reliable removal service


Step 3

Hire experienced cleaners