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    Packing and Storage

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    The end of a tenancy is always a busy time. And with all the excitement, wrapping and packing, it somehow reminds us of Christmas. If you’re feeling troubled and stressed out, don’t be – let our expert team handle everything and make moving house seem as easy as a holiday to you.

    Even if you don’t have to move so far away from your current residence, you still need to pack everything you own in order to vacate the place and leave it empty and ready for the end of tenancy cleaning. But packing takes hours (and in certain cases – days and weeks)of thoughtful planning, arrangement, wrapping, taping, loading and so on, with regard to be appropriately done. It also requires a certain degree of expertise – every item has its own specifics and may need a different material or a method of wrapping which would keep it safe from staining, scratches or even breakages. And let us not forget that having the items arranged in the right order – both in the boxes and later, in the vehicle(-s) – also needs to be taken into consideration.

    Packing and Storage

    If you prefer to do the packing alone and you have the time to take up the task, we would gladly supply you with all the packaging materials that you may need in the process. We only use the best quality packaging materials in our removal services: small, medium, large and wardrobe removal boxes, small and large bubble wrap, tissue paper, packing foam,small and large rolls of tape and even more. All boxes, regardless of their size, are designed especially for removals. With their double walls and wire stitches, they are absolutely safe for our clients’ most valuable and fragile belongings.

    You could make an order through our web site, call us, or speak directly with the specialists of End Of Tenancy Services when they visit you at your home to assess the situation and consult you before the final arrangements for the removal service are made. For your convenience, we have prepared several packages with different combinations of materials, but if they don’t cover your needs, all the packaging materials could be purchased individually. Don’t hesitate to ask our employees for advice – with many years of experience and various moving projects behind them, they could help you to establish your packing needs, and will give you an expert answer to any questions you might have on the packing.

    Still, booking our full packing service has more benefits than DIY:

    1. Instead of packing, you can devote your time to something else;
    2. Our experienced and skilled team will finish the task much faster than a person(-s) for whom packing has not been a daily occupation for the last few years;
    3. We guarantee that with us, all your possessions are completely safe – everything will be handled with the greatest care and not a single item of yours will be missing, broken, scratched or damaged in any other way;
    4. Our packing service is easily affordable and considering the fact that it saves you a lot of time, stress and packing hazards, it could cost you approximately the same or even cheaper than packing by yourself.

    Sometimes there are specific items that you aren’t able to take with you to your new home or office but they have to be removed from the vacated property, nonetheless. If you don’t know what to do with them and keep asking yourself: “Great, everything is perfectly packed and now what?” we at End Of Tenancy Services have just the solution – our exclusive home and office storage.

    Our storage facilities are 100% secure and suitable for a wide range of items – from pianos and bulky pieces of furniture, to professional equipment.  No matter if you need us to keep your entire home content or a single item, for a short or long-term storage, we are ready to oblige. When you hire us, our teams will collect your belongings, prepare them for storage and carefully place them in one of our modern and safe storage facilities. In order to ensure the absolute security of our clients’ belongings, we keep records of all items. Let us know when you are ready to receive your items back, and our employees will deliver them to you.

    Contact us now and we will provide you with a free quote! Our packing and storage service is available even at short notice! 

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