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    Disinfection Services

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    Health is our number one priority

    Our company was first created with the intention to help a lot of people with their cleaning chores. In times like these, where COVID-19 is spreading very fast and is threatening a lot of people, our company still wants to fulfill our intentions in helping people and potentially keeping them safe.

    We are introducing you to our new service – Professional Disinfection, with which we will do everything in our power to protect our customers from potential contamination by sanitizing homes, offices, or any other properties out there.

    What do we use?

    Such services require special high requirements to be followed. Our team wears special protective garments like masks, gloves, and protective suits.

    Of course, they also use extremely powerful detergents that are known to kill bacteria. We have the capability to disinfect any property out there. Regardless of the fact that the detergents that we use are very powerful, they do not leave any chemical smell behind nor are they harmful in any way towards children or pets.

    Availability both for Domestic & Commercial Disinfection

    This service is targeted both at domestic and commercial customers. We can fully sanitize your property and spray it with an antiviral detergent upon your move-our or move-in. We can also do the same for your office space, even if you just want to make sure it’s fully sanitized, but it’s best to do it during off-work hours as we can best do our work. If you are looking for a trusted company that can deal with fully sanitizing your property – we are the ones to call.

    We can also disinfect your carpets

    Carpets might be the last thing on your disinfecting to-do list but it is on top of ours. Carpets just like upholstery tend to absorb a huge percentage of the dirt, dust, and germs that are in your property, therefore, they are a breeding ground for bacteria. Our team uses special detergents, which are extremely powerful in removing all germs yet they won’t damage your carpet and won’t leave a nasty smell.

    How about Fogging Sanitization?

    Lately more and more customers are wondering whether we are able to perform such a service. Yes, we do provide Fogging Sanitization. As many of you know this is one of the most effective methods out there when it comes to disinfecting and removing potential contamination. A service that decontaminates the air and just about any surface that is present.

    This is what we recommend to be done on properties where there was a confirmed COVID-19 case in order to remove any remaining particles of the virus and it’s also recommeded for fast and efficient way of disinfecting homes and offices alike.

    There are countless benefits to Fogging Sanitization and one of them is that it is perfectly safe to be used on any surface. From electrical devices, carpets, wardrobes, clothes, sheets, hard floors, doors, walls, toilets, and any other indoor object to even outdoor surfaces such as windows, driveways, garden, pavements, roads, etc. Oh, did we mention that we can even sanitize your car?


    If you have no idea how this service is done – we use an electrically powered sprayer that we fill with a detergent – and this detergent is certified against harmful viruses and germs (including COVID-19). This solution is sprayed on every area of the property.

    It is safe for humans and pets but since it is so powerful and strong we advise for airing of the premisis for 30 minutes before going back in.

    Book Fogging Sanitization both for Domestic or Commercial properties, or your car as a one-off or a regular service.

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