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    Curtain Cleaning

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    Although the curtains may be the last thing on your mind when you make plans for the end of tenancy cleaning (especially if you’re contemplating how much time the heavier tasks such as oven cleaning might take), you should not forget about them. You can be sure that during the final inspection of the property the landlord or the agency clerk will not forget or overlook anything. This makes every little detail count and the curtains are no exception. In other words, the difference between properly cleaned curtains and neglected ones may be the difference between getting your deposit back and losing it.

    Yes, drapes and curtains don’t suffer every-day wear and staining the way the carpets, rugs or hard floors do, but they need a special treatment all the same, in order to be clean and to look their best. The curtain cleaning, provided by End Of Tenancy Services is the key to the perfect condition to your curtains and drapery regardless of their colour, texture, length and width.

    Why book our curtain cleaning service instead of taking care of the matter yourself?

    • First and foremost, we will save you a lot of time. You won’t have to bother with taking the drapes and curtains down and bringing them to the dry cleaner, then waiting for them to be ready, only to hang them back again. You won’t have to wash them by hand or worry in what condition they will come out as you put them in the washing machine; then go through the extra trouble to hang them up to dry, to iron them and so on. Provided that you have done any of these things in the past, you know how time-consuming they could be – especially if the property is large, and the windows too.
    • With us, you don’t need to worry that you could ruin the curtains by mistake or due to lack of knowledge – our cleaning specialists are well experienced in that area and can do wonders with the professional equipment they have in hand.
    • Compared to the dry cleaners, our service is much more affordable and more convenient too, as it doesn’t involve any efforts on your behalf (such as taking the curtains down, transporting them to the dry cleaner and back, then hanging them once more…)
    • All curtains and drapes, treated with our proven cleaning methods, remain free of dirt and stains for a long time. This is why, even though our curtain service is developed for the purposes of end of tenancy cleaning, you can benefit from it on a regular basis, whenever the need be.

    Our employees’ work is fast and efficient, and they always follow the same well-tried steps to ensure an immaculate final result. They start by carefully vacuuming the head linings using the most advanced equipment, thus removing all dirt and dead insects that are to be found there without damaging the fabric. They make sure that no dirt of any sort remains. Afterwards our curtain cleaning specialists proceed with the next step, thoroughly inspecting the fabric and applying a proper natural cleaning product or a number of products. Our cleaning methods are 100% effective and at the same time – safe for your health and for the environment. Finally, at the last step of the process, our teams inspect and examine the curtains once more to make certain that nothing is amiss and there are no stains and spots left, and then apply a stain resistant finish.

    As a result, your curtains will look clean, fresh and… well – perfect – for a considerable amount of time. All this, plus their new delicate fragrance, would surely delight anyone. Call the number provided above or write us a message to get a free quote, with no obligation on your behalf. We offer the best curtain cleaning in London at a great price and would be happy to prove it to you. 

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