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Before vacating a residence in Herne Hill, most people are in need of our end of tenancy cleaning service. On the other hand there are also people who need a cleaning to be performed before they move in a new place and our cleaning professionals are willing and able to assist them. Our company offers an end of tenancy cleaning service, which is equally suitable for both situations. Carpet cleaning is not covered by our end of tenancy cleaning service but in case that you need it, we have the skills and resources to arrange it. What is more, we have at our disposal the latest available expert equipment and the superb carpet cleaning results will surely impress you. Our company applies two highly innovative methods of carpet cleaning, depending on the specifics of your carpets. All you have to do is request the carpet cleaning service – along with end of tenancy cleaning or separately. To save you financial resources and time, we can offer a cleaning package for you, if you are interested. When they arrive at the property, our professional cleaners will figure out whether your carpet requires a steam cleaning or a dry one. All grime, dirt and stains, even the kind that you thought would be impossible to treat with any success whatsoever will be easily removed with the help of well-tried methods, while enhancing the carpet’s colours and preserving it. You can count on us for excellent results – the combination of these two services will transform the property.

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From £ 99

Our professional end of tenancy cleaning service comes with 48 hours guarantee*
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From £ 26

Our experienced carpet cleaners are vetted, fully insured and with extensive knowledge
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From £ 79

Our employees are provided with the most powerful equipment for professional cleaning
Our greatly qualified professional cleaners are thoroughly trained to assume the responsibility for the high quality performance of the end of tenancy cleaning in Herne Hill. Each and every one of them had their references methodically checked during the thorough hiring process which they all participated in to join our company. Our cleaners are efficient and fully informed of various cleaning methods and techniques, very skilled at their job, accurate, loyal, thoughtful, friendly, while being respectful and discreet, proactive and multitasking, and we also require from them trustworthiness and reliability. The expert handling of the latest and eco-friendly devices and products is given prominence to a thorough training, in which all of them take part. Even if you don’t provide the employees of End Of Tenancy with a checklist of cleaning chores that you need to be performed, they have all the necessary knowledge of end of tenancy cleaning and will know what should be cleaned and how, so you and your landlord will be happy with the results. Our employees in Herne Hill are vetted and completely insured. Each and every one of them speaks English fluently.

Our company has more than a decade of experience in carrying out high quality cleaning services in the entire Herne Hill. For these years we have established our presence as a reliable and trustworthy partner in the field of end of tenancy cleaning which is why we have great deal of recommendations from satisfied clients. We ask for a feedback at any chance we have as your customer opinion is very important for us. We would take into account any critical comments and suggestions – all you should do is share your issues with us and we will always continue to do this since we take great pride in the quality of our cleaning service.

We would like you to tell us with no hesitation if we fail to deliver a splendid service. It is out of the ordinary that this ever comes to pass but we still need to ensure you that we would investigate and take action. Please, let us know about any omissions while they could be dealt with so our specialists could visit your home or office and re-clean in time for you to get your deposit back – at no extra cost, of course.

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From £ 55

We have designed a flexible home and office removal service which will meet all your moving needs.
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From £ 26

With many years of experience and various projects behind us, we could give you expert help.
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From £ 55

Big or small, we can carry on any removal request of yours to the highest degree of satisfaction.
A highly trusted team of expert cleaners is surely the thing that you need so the move-out process of the house which you are vacating in Herne Hill to run as smoothly as you hope. The company that you trust will clean everything just before you move out and the new tenants come. It is also important to do a full end of tenancy cleaning if you want to get your money back. The main ground for the loss of a deposit is the lack of cleanliness of a house or flat.

We are a part of a modern, dynamic society, which often includes mobility but although there are certain facilitations the moving out and looking for rental place can be a problematic and stressful experience, requiring undistracted attention. End Of Tenancy in Herne Hill has the necessary recourses to spare you the troubles of end of tenancy cleaning through our outstanding end of tenancy cleaning service that you can always trust. A sufficient number of cleaning teams will be dispatched to your establishment and will complete the service to great results with no hassles and delays, because they know every aspect of their job. Our professional cleaners will visit your establishment in the shortest possible time and soon after their ring on your doorbell the end of tenancy cleaning of all premises (hallway, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and toilet, closets and other rooms if there are any) will be a fact. What we offer to our clients is the most thorough and high quality end of tenancy cleaning which also comes at a low cost. We give you our guarantee that your property will be simply impeccable after the cleaning is completed – our professional cleaning teams provides 100% insured cleaning service.

Other Cleaning Services

From £ 15

Many years of experience, professional approach, flexible services and immaculate results.

From £ 89

Our company has a vast experience with end of tenancy office cleaning and its specifics are no secret.

From £ 76

We have a vast experience in contract cleaning and are always ready to provide you with a reliable service.

From £ 6

Our company provides safe, reliable and affordable services, such as sofa and upholstery cleaning.

From £ 23

Drapes and curtains need a special treatment, in order to be clean and to look their best.

From £ 18

Our windows cleaning service is flexible and fit to your needs. What is more, we offer the best prices!

From £ 59

Our experts are well familiar with every little peculiarity, secret or trick in the craft of oven cleaning.

From £ 22

With years and years of experience in cleaning mattresses, we know everything about them.

From £ 16

The advanced solutions which we use in our rug cleaning service never fail to provide the best results.

From £ 38

We know how to remove all allergens from your sofa, including dust mites, pollen, and all kinds of dirt.

From £ 76

Professional hard floor cleaning service from our specialists, available for various floor types.

From £ 89

Protect you from potential contamination by sanitizing homes, offices, or any other properties.
The last minute is not the perfect time to call to request an end of tenancy cleaning service in Herne Hill for domestic or commercial purposes. The reason is that by that time some other client may have hired the cleaning team of the company, which you have contacted for the time in which you had in mind for the service to be taken care of. So whatever you do, don’t wait too long to book.

Even if you call at the last second, the professional cleaners of our company in Herne Hill are, naturally, always prepared to come to help you. Still, we recommend booking in advance, to avoid the risk of losing your deposit.