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  • Pro Oven Clean Prices from £ 49
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  • Hard Floor Cleaning from £ 60
*The costs above are valid about your local area and may include additional charges. They are example minimum charges for any of the services. Quotes are formed based on the supplied information.

The second to none end of tenancy cleaning service, delivered by End Of Tenancy in Green Street Green is always implemented by skilled and well trained professionals with great experience in the cleaning of business and residential properties. To best fulfil your requirements, while they are carrying out the tasks and chores which are included in the service, they will be prepared to go through all areas in the property and clean every detail from the checklist, provided by you, your letting agency, property agent or landlord. Everything that will be checked during the final inspection is included in the thorough checklist of our company, which is a product of the company’s cleaning experience, so in case that you can’t provide our cleaners with a list, you don’t have a reason to worry – they will clean according to our own. We never fail to acknowledge which rooms, areas and items are most problematic and we pay special attention to them. Our professional cleaners will make sure that the kitchen, the bathroom and the toilet are in perfect condition since they always are the premises which usually require most effort.

Of course, everything will be cleaned perfectly so any problems will be avoided when you are ending your tenancy – we will clean everything else in the vacated rental property with the same professional touch.

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From £ 99

Our professional end of tenancy cleaning service comes with 48 hours guarantee*
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From £ 26

Our experienced carpet cleaners are vetted, fully insured and with extensive knowledge
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From £ 79

Our employees are provided with the most powerful equipment for professional cleaning
Once in a while some property owners claim that you should do all the cleaning of their rental accommodation by yourself in order to avoid potential damages, while you wish to hire a professional cleaning company instead. In point of fact, if you explore the available choices in your location well enough to make sure that the Green Street Green company which you want to hire offers high quality end of tenancy cleaning services fitting to suit all of your needs and it is also dependable, this kind of danger could easily be eliminated. To ensure that you make the right decision there are several important things that you need to think through before you start – you can even make a short list.

A professional detailed end of tenancy cleaning of good quality could only be accomplished by a company with an adequate experience in this area, such as End Of Tenancy. In order to accomplish the best results every single time in a prompt, efficient and customer-friendly attitude, we also employ and thoroughly train in our company’s values and methods experienced professionals in this field.

Our flexible and extended working hours in combination with our professional cleaners’ company training allows us to achieve the ultimate cleaning results on time with the high quality that you need them.

The intention of relocating of home itself seems somehow upsetting, isn’t it? With our end of tenancy cleaning services in Green Street Green you have one less thing to stress about. Our company can assist you to obtain a reduction in cost if you are selecting different cleaning services. Our goal as end of tenancy cleaning company in Green Street Green is to provide the great quality and most high-quality cleaning service at affordable prices.

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From £ 55

We have designed a flexible home and office removal service which will meet all your moving needs.
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From £ 26

With many years of experience and various projects behind us, we could give you expert help.
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From £ 55

Big or small, we can carry on any removal request of yours to the highest degree of satisfaction.
There is always a possibility that the letting agency representative is not entirely pleased with the final result, when you cleaned up on your own, even if you gave it your best. If this happens, you will be left with three alternatives:

1) to simply give up and say good-bye to your deposit;

2) to accept the disappointment, caused by the fact that all the time and effort you invested in this cleaning was nothing but a waste and hire professional cleaners;

3) to spend more time and labour on this, all the while in the know about having more important things to deal with. We are certain that you don’t like any of the above alternatives and we share your point of view.

You can always call us in the first place and book an end of tenancy cleaning service, instead of having to choose the lesser of three evils. We can perform a thorough cleaning of everything for you, so why bring another inconvenience to yourself with any cleaning at all? Our company operates in Green Street Green and is proud to offer an end of tenancy cleaning service which will suit your every cleaning need. Wondering about what exactly would your landlord insist upon when it comes to cleanliness? You don’t have to be – we are aware of it, as we have years and years of experience in this area. With our end of tenancy cleaning service, your peace of mind is absolutely ensured.

A lot of our customers contact us for our end of tenancy cleaning service before they vacate a home in Green Street Green. Our cleaning experts are, of course, willing and able to supply with the suitable cleaning service people who would like a cleaning before they move in a new house or flat as well. Our company offers an end of tenancy cleaning service, which is evenly suitable for tenants who are moving in or out of a rented property. Carpet cleaning is not included in our end of tenancy cleaning service but if you need it, we could immediately arrange it. What is more, we have at our disposal the latest available equipment and the great value for money carpet cleaning results will surely impress you. Our company puts in practice two highly progressive techniques of carpet cleaning, to suit your individual needs. The carpet service is available for you to request separately or in a package with end of tenancy cleaning. To save you financial resources and time, we can prepare a cleaning package for you, if you are interested. When they arrive at the property, our outstanding cleaners will determine whether your carpet will benefit from a steam cleaning or a dry one. Our tested methods will efficiently remove dirt, grime and stains -even the ones you feared would be impossible to get out, while bringing out the original beauty of the carpet’s colours and preserving it. You can rely upon great results – the concurrent effects of these two services will bring the property to its original state.

Other Cleaning Services

From £ 15

Many years of experience, professional approach, flexible services and immaculate results.

From £ 89

Our company has a vast experience with end of tenancy office cleaning and its specifics are no secret.

From £ 76

We have a vast experience in contract cleaning and are always ready to provide you with a reliable service.

From £ 6

Our company provides safe, reliable and affordable services, such as sofa and upholstery cleaning.

From £ 23

Drapes and curtains need a special treatment, in order to be clean and to look their best.

From £ 18

Our windows cleaning service is flexible and fit to your needs. What is more, we offer the best prices!

From £ 59

Our experts are well familiar with every little peculiarity, secret or trick in the craft of oven cleaning.

From £ 22

With years and years of experience in cleaning mattresses, we know everything about them.

From £ 16

The advanced solutions which we use in our rug cleaning service never fail to provide the best results.

From £ 38

We know how to remove all allergens from your sofa, including dust mites, pollen, and all kinds of dirt.

From £ 76

Professional hard floor cleaning service from our specialists, available for various floor types.

From £ 89

Protect you from potential contamination by sanitizing homes, offices, or any other properties.
Are you curious to learn what of the bathroom and toilet of your house or flat is cleaned as a part of our end of tenancy cleaning service in Green Street Green? The bathroom walls, ceiling and floor, bathroom door, interior bathroom window, mirror, cabinets, shelves and towel rings, sink, taps, soap glass tumbler or toothbrush holders, soap dispenser, bathtub, towel dryer, shower, shower walls or curtains, faucet and shower head will be cleaned in detail by our expert cleaners. Also, the toilet and the surrounding area will be thoroughly cleansed, and the toilet roll holder and bin will be cleaned. By the time the cleaning is complete all build-ups of soap scum, mould, limescale and mineral deposits will be wiped out from the bathroom and everything in it will be perfectly clean.

It goes without saying that our cleaning teams will also clean extra items which you want to be included in the cleaning, in addition to the above in case that there are any. Your individual needs are always taken into account and our service is absolutely tailored to them.