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  • Move Out Cleaning from £ 99
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*The costs above are valid about your local area and may include additional charges. They are example minimum charges for any of the services. Quotes are formed based on the supplied information.

How do you feel about a professional cleaning help, such as end of tenancy cleaning, would you benefit from the service? Think over it and make a decision. Hiring a specialised cleaning company to do your end of tenancy cleaning has many advantages and if you have ever used our services before, you already know what difference they could make.

Book your end of tenancy cleaning service in advance. You surely have a given number of choices when it comes to cleaning services available in Copeland and you can increase your chances to select the best option which can meet your cleaning needs by booking sooner.

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From £ 99

Our professional end of tenancy cleaning service comes with 48 hours guarantee*
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From £ 26

Our experienced carpet cleaners are vetted, fully insured and with extensive knowledge
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From £ 79

Our employees are provided with the most powerful equipment for professional cleaning
Our top quality cleaners will prepare the premises look perfect. Please, notice what is provided in our end of tenancy extensive list. Our well-known cleaning company is up to a very high methods and we are experts how to get the service organized in an unique manner.

Also we provide daily cleaning and home support solutions everyday and as a result of our easily fixable schedule we can come to you as well.

Are you interested to find out what of the bedroom of your residence is cleaned as a part of our end of tenancy cleaning service in Copeland? The bed or beds will be cleaned along with the mattress, the bedside table and desk lamps, lamps and light switches will be wiped clean and polished, the bedside tables, clothes-presses and all wardrobes will be cleaned, the floor mouldings, the interior windows of the bedroom, window-sills, doors, door-knobs, door frames and door-sills will be dusted, while any traces of spider webs will be removed from the ceiling and walls by our cleaners. They will also empty and clean the waste-paper baskets and thoroughly vacuum the floor, without missing the areas which are particularly difficult to access such as the ones underneath the bed and the nightstands.

Naturally our team members will also clean items which you would like to be a part of the service, if there are any. Your needs are always taken into account and our end of tenancy cleaning service is absolutely tailored to correspond to them.

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From £ 55

We have designed a flexible home and office removal service which will meet all your moving needs.
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From £ 26

With many years of experience and various projects behind us, we could give you expert help.
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From £ 55

Big or small, we can carry on any removal request of yours to the highest degree of satisfaction.
Do you fancy to learn what of the kitchen area of your house or flat is taken care of our end of tenancy cleaning service in Copeland? The end of tenancy cleaning chores in the kitchen receive a great deal of skill and effort of our team members, because we We know for sure that when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, the kitchen and especially the cooking area need more time and effort from any of the other premises in the house. Our teams will thoroughly clean the kitchen doors, door-handles, door-cases, the interior windows, window-sills and all kitchen appliances (toasters, kettles and so on). They will clean from inside and out the freezer, refrigerator, microwave oven, and the dishwashing and washing machines. The employees of End Of Tenancy will clean the kitchen stove in and out – the cooktop and the oven, and of course, they will pay special attention to the fume extractor and all surrounding surfaces too, to get rid of any splashes of grease and oil, milk, fossilised sugar, and who knows what else left after cooking. The metal and stainless steel surfaces in the kitchen will be cleaned and buffed until they shine, all work surfaces, such as the worktop, will be wiped down by our cleaners, as well as the interior and exterior of all kitchen cabinets, drawers and cupboards. They will clean the kitchen sink, sink faucets and the soap dispenser, removing any mineral deposits and limescale. Our employees will also clean the kitchen bin and vacuum and mop to perfection the kitchen floor.

Of course, our service is 100% tailored to suit your needs so if there are any extra items in addition to the above which you want to be included in the cleaning, we will clean them too.

We all partake in a modern, dynamic society, which demands from most of us to be on the move every now and then in our pursuits of professional or personal goals but the move out and search for a rental establishment can be a problematic and stressful experience, requiring all your attention. You can always rely upon our professional end of tenancy cleaning service in Copeland as our company has the necessary recourses to spare you the inconvenience of end of tenancy cleaning. We will dispatch to your establishment enough cleaners, all of whom know just how to get a room in perfect cleaning state and who will produce great results with no problems or delays whatsoever. Our cleaning teams will attend to your business or private residence in the shortest possible time and before you know it the end of tenancy cleaning of all premises (hallway, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and toilet, closets and other rooms if there are any) will be completed.

What we offer to our clients is the most comprehensive and high quality end of tenancy cleaning which everyone can afford. The move out cleaning service, provided by our professional cleaning teams is fully insured and we guarantee that you and your landlord or letting agent will be absolutely satisfied with the condition of the property after the cleaning is completed.

Other Cleaning Services

From £ 15

Many years of experience, professional approach, flexible services and immaculate results.

From £ 89

Our company has a vast experience with end of tenancy office cleaning and its specifics are no secret.

From £ 76

We have a vast experience in contract cleaning and are always ready to provide you with a reliable service.

From £ 6

Our company provides safe, reliable and affordable services, such as sofa and upholstery cleaning.

From £ 23

Drapes and curtains need a special treatment, in order to be clean and to look their best.

From £ 18

Our windows cleaning service is flexible and fit to your needs. What is more, we offer the best prices!

From £ 59

Our experts are well familiar with every little peculiarity, secret or trick in the craft of oven cleaning.

From £ 22

With years and years of experience in cleaning mattresses, we know everything about them.

From £ 16

The advanced solutions which we use in our rug cleaning service never fail to provide the best results.

From £ 38

We know how to remove all allergens from your sofa, including dust mites, pollen, and all kinds of dirt.

From £ 76

Professional hard floor cleaning service from our specialists, available for various floor types.

From £ 89

Protect you from potential contamination by sanitizing homes, offices, or any other properties.
It is very unlikely but at times some property owners insist that you should perform all the cleaning of their establishment by yourself in order to avoid the risk of potential damages, while you would rather hire a professional cleaning company instead. As a matter of fact this kind of danger could easily be eliminated if you make a research and make sure that the Copeland company which you want to hire is dependable and that it does end of tenancy cleaning services fitting to suit all of your requirements. Of course, there are some important things that you need to think through to ensure that you choose well.

A professional detailed end of tenancy cleaning of good quality can only be delivered by a company with a considerable experience in this area, such as End Of Tenancy. We also employ experienced professional cleaners and provide them with a detailed training so they can accomplish the best results every single time in a prompt, efficient and professional manner. The training of our cleaning teams in combination with our flexible and extended working hours contributes to the ultimate cleaning results exactly the way you need them.