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  • Tenancy Cleaning Services from £ 99
  • Oven Cleaning Services from £ 49
  • Carpet Cleaning Services from £ 29
  • Floor Cleaning Services from £ 60
*The costs above are valid about your local area and may include additional charges. They are example minimum charges for any of the services. Quotes are formed based on the supplied information.

Are you curious to find out what of your office space (with all its work spaces, meeting spaces and support spaces) is carried out by our end of tenancy cleaning service in Barnet Gate?

The doors, door-cases, door-handles and door-sills, as well as all interior windows and their sills will bewiped by our cleaning professionals. All spider webs will be removed from the walls and ceilings of the office premises. All wall-mounted light switches, lamps, fittings and fixtures, as well as all mopboards will be thoroughly wiped clean by our professional cleaners. They will dust and polish the workspaces, cabinets, drawers,bookshelves, pedestals, storage units, shelves, cupboards, reception and conference tables, coat stands, picture frames, etc. The office equipment, such as telephones, copiers and fax machines, scanners, computers (monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers and power cables included), paper shredders and so on, and the the top surface of the air conditioners will be covered too. The outstanding cleaning professionals of End Of Tenancy will also clean the reception sofas, reception, conference and office chairs, boards and every required piece of office furniture. All waste baskets will be cleaned, the floors everywhere will be cleaned too.

The service also includes a thorough cleaning of the office kitchen area and the office toilets. Naturally our representatives will also clean other items which you would like to be a part of the service, in addition to the above in case that there are any. Your needs are always taken into account and our end of tenancy cleaning service is 100% tailored to satisfy them.

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From £ 99

Our professional end of tenancy cleaning service comes with 48 hours guarantee*
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From £ 26

Our experienced carpet cleaners are vetted, fully insured and with extensive knowledge
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From £ 79

Our employees are provided with the most powerful equipment for professional cleaning
We pride in our professional cleaning services in Barnet Gate and can demonstrate at any time that we perform the most superb end of tenancy cleaning you can think of. When they are on a job, our cleaning professionals will make sure that they take care of each and every single detail in all items which have to be cleaned at the estate.

Don’t hesitate to report the complaint to us in case that after the cleaners of End Of Tenancy have finished cleaning, you think that something was left out of the cleaning. If this happens it would be best to act right away so we can perform the cleaning in time. There would be no extra charge for this. One of the missions of our company is to ensure your contentment of the results from our end of tenancy cleaning service. We will give our best to achieve it.

Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you need to in order to find out more about end of tenancy cleaning service and to order one. We are ready to take on any end of tenancy cleaning in Barnet Gate, even when it comes to urgent requests.

The skills, competences of the professional cleaners of End Of Tenancy, their extensive experience in this field, their excellent recommendations and last but not least, their proactive behaviour are the main reasons that they have been chosen by our company. They are alsothoroughly trained in all methods and techniques of work, policies and corporal culture of our company, which enables them to complete their tasks to a supreme result without any need whatsoever to be supervised by you – even if you have not provided them with a compiled cleaning checklist. Regardless of the size and the condition of the rental property in Barnet Gate, our team members will rise to the challenge and produce just the results that you need as they will not skip a detail while they are cleaning, thanks to their know-how and thorough training. In general the end of tenancy cleaning is the final thing to do before vacating the real estate and we at End Of Tenancy realize that your time is precious, which is why we made our service available for booking on short notice.

For the same reason our employees could carry it out in flexible hours. Please keep in mind that all quotes for this service are custom tailored because they depend on the size of the property and we try to offer the lowest possible rates. You can find out in the prices section the minimum charge, which applies for the services of End Of Tenancy can be. Contact us for a free quote and tell us about the dimensions of the premises in the property. Based on the information which you give the specialists of End Of Tenancy, they will calculate the approximate quotes for you.

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From £ 55

We have designed a flexible home and office removal service which will meet all your moving needs.
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From £ 26

With many years of experience and various projects behind us, we could give you expert help.
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From £ 55

Big or small, we can carry on any removal request of yours to the highest degree of satisfaction.
The employees of End Of Tenancy, who perform the end of tenancy cleaning in Barnet Gate, are appropriately trained and have a substantial experience. In order to be employed by our company, each of them made a great impression during our precise hiring process, in which hers or his references were rigorously checked.

Our cleaners are efficient and well acquainted with various cleaning methods and techniques, real talents at their job, methodical, loyal, well-mannered, friendly, while keeping an appropriate distance, proactive and multitasking, and we also require from them trustworthiness and reliability. Their training includes the handling the most progressive and eco-friendly cleaning products and devices. The employees of End Of Tenancy will always know what has to be done to the very last detail, so you and your landlord simply love the results of the cleaning, since they have plenty of experience in end of tenancy cleaning – so even if you don’t provide them with a checklist of cleaning chores that you need to be performed everything will go smoothly. Our professional cleaners in Barnet Gate are vetted and fully insured. Their English is fluent.

Do you fancy to find out what of the entrance and stairs area of your residence is included in our end of tenancy cleaning service in Barnet Gate?

The answer is evident – when our professionals clean, they go over every single detail of your vestibule and stairs. The windows and window-sills in your hallway and stairs area, as well as the interior and exterior doors, door-handles, door frames, door-sills and the skirting boards the lampshades and light switches and fittings will be top to bottom cleaned, and all cobwebs from the ceiling and the corners will be removed.

It goes without saying that our employees will also clean extra items which you want to be included in the cleaning, in addition to the above if there are any. Your individual needs are always taken into account and our service is completely tailored to them. All rubbish bins will be emptied and then cleaned by our representatives, as an added value to the service.

Another plus is that our end of tenancy cleaning professionals in Barnet Gate use the latest cleaning equipment.

Other Cleaning Services

From £ 15

Many years of experience, professional approach, flexible services and immaculate results.

From £ 89

Our company has a vast experience with end of tenancy office cleaning and its specifics are no secret.

From £ 76

We have a vast experience in contract cleaning and are always ready to provide you with a reliable service.

From £ 6

Our company provides safe, reliable and affordable services, such as sofa and upholstery cleaning.

From £ 23

Drapes and curtains need a special treatment, in order to be clean and to look their best.

From £ 18

Our windows cleaning service is flexible and fit to your needs. What is more, we offer the best prices!

From £ 59

Our experts are well familiar with every little peculiarity, secret or trick in the craft of oven cleaning.

From £ 22

With years and years of experience in cleaning mattresses, we know everything about them.

From £ 16

The advanced solutions which we use in our rug cleaning service never fail to provide the best results.

From £ 38

We know how to remove all allergens from your sofa, including dust mites, pollen, and all kinds of dirt.

From £ 76

Professional hard floor cleaning service from our specialists, available for various floor types.

From £ 89

Protect you from potential contamination by sanitizing homes, offices, or any other properties.
We could claim that more than a decade of experience has taught us what landlords and letting agencies want in an end of tenancy cleaning since End Of Tenancy has performed cleaning services for quite a few them. We are committed to provide our services with the same high quality for our new customers as we have always done and always will for our continuous Barnet Gate customers whose trust we are thankful for as they have benefited from our moving in and post tenancy cleaning services many times over. The task of vacating the business or private residence you called home could be distressful enough even without the nuisance of arranging end of tenancy cleaning. No wonder that with all the responsibilities and deadlines the prospect of doing the end of tenancy cleaning by yourself could be devastating.

Fortunately you do not have to assume each and every responsibility in the world – End Of Tenancy are always ready to do the end of tenancy cleaning at a price that you would love.