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    End of Tenancy Cleaning St Giles

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    Our suitably experienced end of tenancy cleaners are thoroughly trained to carry out the end of tenancy cleaning in St Giles. Each and every one of them had their references from previous employers methodically checked during the thorough hiring process which they all went through so they could become a team member of our company. Our cleaners are efficient and fully informed of various cleaning methods and techniques, very skilled at their job, punctual, loyal, well-mannered, friendly, while being respectful and discreet, proactive and multitasking, and we also require from them to be reliable and trustworthy. The expert handling of the most advanced and eco-friendly cleaning devices and products is guaranteed by a thorough training, in which all of them take part. Our professional cleaners will always know what to do, so you and your landlord will be pleased with the results of the cleaning, since they have so much practice already in end of tenancy cleaning – so even if you don’t provide them with a checklist of cleaning chores that you need to be accomplished everything will go smoothly. Our housekeeping experts in St Giles are vetted and fully insured. All of them speak English fluently.

    What cleaning activities does the end of tenancy cleaning service in St Giles cover at the kitchen area of the estate?

    We know for sure that when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, the kitchen and especially cooking area take more time and effort than the other rooms, and we dedicate a fair amount of time to the end of tenancy cleaning in it. All kitchen appliances (toasters, kettles and so on) will be thoroughly cleaned by our teams, as well as the interior windows of the kitchen, window-sills, doors, door-handles, door frames and door-sills. They will scrub and disinfect the interior and exterior of the freezer, fridge, microwave oven, and the dishwashing and washing machines. The employees of End Of Tenancy will clean the kitchen cooker from top to bottom – the cooktop and the oven, and of course, they will not forget about the extractor hood and all surrounding surfaces as well, to get rid of any build-ups of fat and oil, milk, fossilised sugar, left after cooking. The metal and stainless steel surfaces in the kitchen will be cleaned and buffed until they shine, all high-use surfaces, such as the worktop, will be wiped down by our cleaners, as well as the inside and outside of all kitchen cabinets, drawers and cupboards. All trace of limescale and mineral deposits will be cleared away from the kitchen sink, the taps and the soap dispenser, which will be carefully washed, dried and buffed. The floor will be vacuumed and mopped, the rubbish bin will be cleaned too. Of course, our end of tenancy cleaning service is entirely tailored to suit your needs so if there are items which have to be taken care of, we will clean them too.

    We at End Of Tenancy specialize prompt and thorough move in cleaning and post tenancy cleaning – always performed by a professional team of reliable St Giles cleaners, exclusively using the most advanced, eco-friendly and gentle for human and animal health cleaning equipment and products. One of our top priorities is to meet and if we are lucky – to exceed your cleaning requirements which is why we have tried various professional cleaning products of the highest quality and in result we have determined the ones which are remarkable with their high efficiency, safety and sustainability. We are constantly seeking ways to work with exclusively green cleaning methods and techniques, because we are an environmentally conscious company. The use of toxic and aggressive ingredients are replaced with their environmentally responsible alternatives through these methods which avoids it. We believe that our style of work can raise awareness and send a good message and protect our customers’ health from various dermatological and respiratory problems, associated with toxic chemicals, with all the cleanings we perform. End Of Tenancy also takes pride in working with the latest eco-friendly professional cleaning devices and materials.

    Before you move in or out a property for rent in St Giles, you need to carefully plan everything ahead of time, no matter if you try to take care of everything on your own, or be partial to use a professional help. Naturally, you wish that you won’t miss something in the hurry and a good plan can give you confidence. Also, the possible disorganisation of the process of moving may be prevented by planning. Our advice is to make a checklist of all the errands and chores, related to the moving process, as well as any other engagements you will have meanwhile. Begin by writing down the tasks which have key priority, like the components of the end of tenancy cleaning. Determine the precise moment to start, so you can be ready on schedule – you can do this by taking into account the approximate time that every task might be done for. Even if you aren’t able to carry out the plan exactly as you intended, it will surely help you to systematize your activities and to implement them more successfully.

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