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  • *The costs above are valid about End of Tenancy Cleaning Roundshaw. They include the required labour (cleaning hours). If additional time is needed, then supplementary costs will be applied. Minimum charge applies. Quotes over the phone are formed based on the supplied information.

    End of Tenancy Cleaning Roundshaw

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    The cleaners of End Of Tenancy are with us because of their wide experience in this field, their abilities and practical knowledge, proactivity and equally important, their integrity. Even if you haven’t gave them a compiled cleaning checklist, they can complete their tasks to an ideal result without supervision, as they are thoroughly trained in all policies, corporal culture and end of tenancy cleaning procedures of End Of Tenancy. As a result of their expert abilities and company training, our professionals will not miss anything or cause any damage and will rise to the challenge and achieve the best possible results, no matter the size and the condition of the property in Roundshaw. We made our service available for booking on short notice because we realize that the right timing is essential as the end of tenancy cleaning is the final chore before vacating the home or office in general.

    For the same reason it can be carried out in flexible appointment hours. Please consider that we try to offer the lowest possible prices, and because they depend on the size of the property, all quotes for this service are custom tailored. You can find out in the prices section the minimum charge, which applies for the services of End Of Tenancy can be. Please give us information regarding the size of the property in order to receive a proper free quote. The representatives of End Of Tenancy will inform you of the approximate quotes according to the information that you supply them with.

    What does the end of tenancy cleaning service in Roundshaw cover at the bathroom and toilet of the home?

    Our cleaning teams will provide a thorough cleaning of the interior window, door, walls, ceiling and floor, mirror, fixtures and fittings, washbasin, taps, soap dispenser, soap and toothbrush holders, bathroom hooks, shelves and cabinets, towel warmer, shower, shower walls or curtains, faucet and shower head, as well as the bath. Also, the toilet and the surrounding area will be thoroughly scrubbed and sanitised, and the toilet roll holder and bathroom bin will be cleaned. All surfaces will be perfectly clean and wiped from soap, mould, limescale and mineral deposits, when they are finished. Naturally we will also clean items which you would like to be a part of the service, in addition to the above in case that there are any. Your individual needs are always taken into account and our end of tenancy cleaning service is absolutely tailored to correspond to them.

    Lately the short poem “Dust if you must” is all over the Internet and many people like to post and repost it in the social networks. It goes like this:

    “Dust if you must.

    But wouldn’t it be better,

    To paint a picture, or write a letter,

    Bake a cake, or plant a seed?” – and so on, if you enjoy the beginning, you can easily come across to the rest.

    We, from our part, do like it and we agree with the author that it would be better – there are always plenty of better things to do instead of occupying yourself with endless cleaning tasks. Of course, you would not have to dust, because our company in Roundshaw is at your disposal. When you move in or out of a rented residence in Roundshaw you can leave the move in cleaning or theend of tenancy cleaning to our employees. We can promise to you that by choosing us, you choose professionalism, long time practice and trustworthiness – everything you need for a successful effect of the cleaning.

    Even if you put a lot of effort to clean up by yourself, there is a probability that your landlord would not be satisfied with the final result – and then you will have to spend more time and energy on this (while you have too much to do already), trust professional cleaners (which means that all your time and effort will be wasted), or say good-bye to your deposit. None of the described looks even remotely acceptable to us and we are confident that you feel this way too.

    Instead of resolving to the lesser of three evils, why don’t you just contact us to book an end of tenancy cleaning service to begin with? We can carry out the cleaning of everything for you, so why bring another inconvenience to yourself with any cleaning at all? Our end of tenancy cleaning service will satisfy your every cleaning need and End Of Tenancy and has the pleasure to provide it in Roundshaw, no matter the location. Unsure about what exactly would your landlord expect to see? You don’t need to be – we know it, as we have years and years of experience in this area. Your letting agent or landlord’s satisfaction is fully ensured with us.

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