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    End of Tenancy Cleaning Romford

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    Our end of tenancy cleaning service in Romford – as detailed as it may be – does not incorporate carpet cleaning and exterior windows cleaning but we are ready to make them available to you, along with any other cleaning service that you might wish for. Even more you can benefit from our superb cleaning at even more attractive price. The most advanced steam cleaning machines which we use will do wonders with their hot water extraction method for carpet cleaning capable to breathe new life into your carpets.

    As far as the exterior window cleaning is concerned, we would beg your pardon that windows above certain height can not be a part of the cleaning session as people’s safety comes first. We wish to give you the best quote there is and since the professional exterior window cleaning is a technical service, the team members of End Of Tenancy will require all parameters related to the job for instance the number, the height and the type of windows in your rented accommodation as well as any special requirements to be acknowledged.

    In order to keep the costs realistic and fair, an individual quote is given by the team members of End Of Tenancy for every single window cleaning engagement of ours.

    Most of our customers are in need of our end of tenancy cleaning service before they are moving out and vacating a house or flat in Romford. Of course there are also people who call for a cleaning to be performed before they move in a new house or flat and our cleaning experts are available to help. Tenants who are moving in or out of a rented property can benefit evenly from the high quality end of tenancy cleaning service, offered by our company.

    Carpet cleaning is not included in our end of tenancy cleaning service but in case that you need it, we could quickly arrange it. What is more, we use the latest available professional equipment and the great value for money carpet cleaning results will surely impress you. Keeping in mind your individual needs, End Of Tenancy works with two highly innovative methods of carpet cleaning, appropriate for the particular carpet. All you need to do is order the carpet cleaning service – along with end of tenancy cleaning or by itself. If you wish to benefit from both services simultaneously, we can work out a cleaning package for you, which is guaranteed to save you time and financial resources. Our cleaners will determine which type of cleaning – a steam cleaning or a dry one – would be appropriate for your carpet, when they arrive at the property. Our tested methods will effectively remove dirt, grime and stains -even the ones you feared would be impossible to get rid of, while bringing out the original beauty of the carpet’s colours and preserving it. You can rely upon notable results – the concurrent effects of these two services would really make you happy.

    There is a good chance that your landlord is not fully content with the final result, when you cleaned up on your own, even if you gave it your best. If this happens, you will be left with 3 options:

    1) to simply give up and forget about getting back your security deposit;

    2) to accept the disappointment, caused by the fact that all the time and effort you invested in this cleaning was entirely wasted and hire professional cleaners;

    3) to spend more time and labour on this, all the while perfectly aware that there are other urgent matters to attend to. We are sure that you would rather avoid any of the described and we feel this way too. You can always contact us from the very start and book an end of tenancy cleaning service, instead of having to choose one of these unpleasant alternatives. We can perform a thorough cleaning of everything for you, so why bring another inconvenience to yourself with any cleaning at all? End Of Tenancy operates in Romford and takes pride in creating an end of tenancy cleaning service which will cover your every cleaning need. We have a great deal of experience in this area and can achieve exactly what a landlord would expect to see. With us, your content (as well as your landlord’s) is truly ensured.

    What does the end of tenancy cleaning service in Romford include at the bathroom and toilet of the house or flat?

    The bathroom walls, ceiling and floor, door, interior bathroom window, mirror, cabinets, shelves and towel rings, sink, faucets, soap dish, tub, towel dryer, shower, shower walls or curtains, faucet and shower head will be cleaned in detail by our cleaners. Also, the toilet and the surrounding area will be thoroughly brushed, wiped and disinfected, and the toilet paper dispenser and bin will be cleaned. As a result of the end of tenancy cleaning any trace of soap, mould, limescale and mineral deposits will be vanished from the bathroom and everything in it will be sparkling, crystal clean.

    Of course, our end of tenancy cleaning service is entirely tailored to correspond to your individual needs so in case that there are items in addition to the above which have to be taken care of, we will clean them too.

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