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    End of Tenancy Cleaning Prince Regent

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    We at End Of Tenancy are aware that sometimes you start to search for an end of tenancy cleaning at the very last minute and just how chaotic things can get at the end of tenancy. The wider choice between relocation and cleaning services in Prince Regent, the lower chance to forget to pack something valuable, and your own peace of mind, are just few of the many reasons why it is better to plan the entire move out process ahead of time. But if you did not organise the things in advance and the time is pressing yet you still have not found an end of tenancy cleaning service, we will try to accommodate your needs, any day of the week. We work without a day-off and our teams operate with extended working hours in order to bring our service to your home or office at your best convenience.

    Call our employees to a start of tenancy cleaning or a post tenancy cleaning – we will dispatch our professional cleaners who will clean everything in a punctual, efficient and satisfactory manner.

    Before you move in or out your rented home or office in Prince Regent, you need to carefully plan everything beforehand, no matter if you try to handle everything alone, or choose to use a professional help. This is how you can be sure that nothing would be left behind. Also, the possible disorganisation of the process of moving may be prevented by planning. Our advice is to make a checklist of all the move related tasks, as well as any other duties you will have meanwhile. The appliances, furniture pieces, etc. which need to be covered by the end of tenancy cleaning and the other tasks of urgent priority, should be put first.

    Determine the moment to start, so you can go through every task on the checklist – you can do this by taking into account the approximate time that every task might take. Even if you aren’t able to carry out the plan to the point, it will surely help you to make the most convenient arrangement for your activities and to accomplish them more successfully.

    Are you interested to learn what of the kitchen area of your home is carried out by our end of tenancy cleaning service in Prince Regent?

    We know well that when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, the kitchen and the food processing and preparation area in particular need more time and effort than the other rooms, and our cleaning teams devote a great deal of skill and effort to the end of tenancy cleaning chores in it. Our teams will thoroughly wipe down the kitchen doors, door-handles, door-cases, the interior windows, window-sills and all kitchen appliances (toasters, kettles and so on). The dishwasher and clothes washer, microwave oven, fridge and freezer will be cleaned. The teams of End Of Tenancy will clean the kitchen range through and through – the hobs and the oven, and of course, they will not forget about the fume extractor and all surrounding surfaces too, as there might be refuse of fat and oil, milk, fossilised sugar, and so on left after cooking. The metal and stainless steel surfaces in the kitchen will be polished, all work surfaces, such as the worktop, will be wiped down by our cleaners, as well as the interior and exterior of all kitchen cabinets, drawers and cupboards. All trace of limescale and mineral deposits will be removed from the kitchen sink, the taps and the soap dispenser, which will be carefully washed, dried and buffed. Our employees will also wash and dry the rubbish bin and vacuum the kitchen floor.

    It goes without saying that our employees will also clean more items which you would like to be a part of the service, in addition to the above in case that there are any. Your needs are always taken into account and our service is 100% tailored to satisfy them.

    Coverage of the entire Prince Regent and more than a decade of experience in performing high quality cleaning services – this is End Of Tenancy. For these years we have demonstrated over and over again that our end of tenancy cleaning is effective, affordable and customer-friendly which is why we have a great base of loyal customers. Your satisfaction with our cleaning services is very important to us and we ask for a feedback at any chance we have. We would make sure that any problems, however small, are corrected – all you have to do is share your thoughts with us and we will always continue to do this since we take great pride in the quality of our cleaning service.

    We would like you to tell us – the sooner the better if we fail to perform a first class service. It is out of the ordinary that this ever comes to pass but we still need to ensure you that we would investigate and take action. Please, let us know if you notice any omissions while they can still be corrected so our cleaners could visit your house or flat and re-clean in time for you to get your deposit back – at no extra cost, of course.

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