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  • *The costs above are valid about End of Tenancy Cleaning Maypole. They include the required labour (cleaning hours). If additional time is needed, then supplementary costs will be applied. Minimum charge applies. Quotes over the phone are formed based on the supplied information.

    End of Tenancy Cleaning Maypole

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    Take a few minutes to check the Maypole cleaning company profile before you employ it and in case that there is information regarding the performed services, read it in detail. Keep in mind that some cleaning companies may provide cheaper services, not covering aspects which are essential for you, while others may include more than you actually want and thus may be more expensive, and third may offer more flexible solutions – the cleaning services of the different companies are not identical as it may seem at first glance. Make your job to compare the information on several Maypole cleaning companies’ websites; usually there is enough choice and it is up to you to make it. You will be able to see other details (such as special packages, discounts, the company’s methods of cleaning, equipment, experience, etc.) which could help you to identify the right service and company for yourself, while you are on the website of a cleaning company. If there are posted on the website, other clients’ comments are also a good way to get an idea.

    The specialists of End Of Tenancy were selected to join our company because of their experience in this field, their skillfulness, proactive behaviour and last but not least, their excellent recommendations.

    They are alsothoroughly trained in all end of tenancy cleaning procedures, policies and corporal culture of our company, which guarantees that they can complete their cleaning to a perfect, textbook result without any supervision from your side – even if you didn’t present them with a compiled cleaning checklist. Regardless of the size and the state of the rental property in Maypole, our cleaning teams will solve any possible predicament and produce just the results that you need as they will not allow mistakes, because of their expertise and high level of training. For most people in this situation the end of tenancy cleaning is the final chore before vacating the premises and we realize that the right timing is essential, which is why our end of tenancy cleaning service could be performed at short notice.

    For the same reason it can be carried out in flexible working hours. Please keep in mind that all quotes for this service are custom tailored as we need to fairly reflect your personal case and we try to offer the lowest possible rates. In any case, there is a minimum charge, which you can find out in the prices section. Contact us for a free quote and give us information regarding the size of the property. The specialists of End Of Tenancy will come up with approximate quotes on the base of the information which you give them.

    End of tenancy cleaning is a service, apt for people in Maypole with young ones, and with pets. Of course, the care of your children and pets is what is most important. Sometimes the results one is aiming for are not easy to achieve, which is notable in certain areas such as the kitchen, the shower and lavatory and this is why people who perform the end of tenancy cleaning by themselves tend to apply more aggressive cleaning products. The trouble is that the health of your children and pets may be affected by the strong chemicals which these cleaning products contain. You can avoid any hazards by sending them away from home, while you clean every room in the house or apartment, but even if you do that, it won’t eliminate the danger for your own health and don’t forget that in this case you’ll have to ask for a favour one of your relatives or friends or hire a person to take care for them. If you decide to take the risk and handle all the cleaning chores in their presence, they will surely slow you down and make the work that you are trying to do not entirely successful.

    All of this makes the end of tenancy cleaning service a very sensible solution. By entrusting us you can stay positive that the end of tenancy cleaning is in the right hands, while you make the most of your time with your children or pets.

    Are you interested to know what of the bedroom of your residence is cleaned as a part of our end of tenancy cleaning service in Maypole? The bed will be cleaned along with the mattress, the bedside and desk lamps, lamps and light switches will be wiped clean, the nightstands, clothes-presses and all wardrobes will be wiped clean, the base mouldings, the interior windows of the bedroom, window-sills, doors, door-handles, door frames and door-sills will be dusted, while any spider nets will be removed from the ceiling and walls by our team members. They will also empty and clean the waste-paper baskets and thoroughly vacuum the floor, not excluding the areas underneath the bed or beds and the night tables. Of course, our service is absolutely tailored to suit your individual needs so if there are other items in addition to the above which you would like to be a part of the service, our cleaning experts will clean them too.

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