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    End of Tenancy Cleaning Canbury

    Call now 020 8077 3399 to book the best end of tenancy cleaning

    Our reliable staff will leave the residence look cleaner. In order to get what is incorporated in our end of tenancy cleaning service in Canbury, please read cautiously our checklist.

    We recognize that our example of sanitation is very well written and we moreover have knowledge how to maintain the equivalent results.

    Also we give proper cleaning and home support services everyday and because of our adjustable program we can meet your needs as well.

    What cleaning activities does the end of tenancy cleaning service in Canbury incorporate at the kitchen area of the house or flat?

    We at End Of Tenancy know for sure that when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, the kitchen and the food preparation area in particular require more time and effort from any of the other premises in the house, and we devote a fair amount of time to the end of tenancy cleaning in it. Our teams will thoroughly wipe down the kitchen doors, door-handles, door-cases, the interior windows, window-sills and all kitchen appliances (toasters, kettles and so on). They will scrub and disinfect the interior and exterior of the freezer, refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwashing machine and washing machine. The housekeeping experts of End Of Tenancy will clean the kitchen range thoroughly – the cooktop and the oven, and of course, they will not forget about the extractor fan and all surrounding surfaces as well, to get rid of any bits of fat and oil, milk, fossilised sugar, left after cooking. Our cleaners will wipe down all high-use surfaces, such as the worktop, all kitchen cabinets, cupboards and drawers inside and out and will polish all metal and stainless steel surfaces until they shine. All trace of limescale and mineral deposits will be wiped out from the kitchen sink, sink faucets and the soap dispenser, which will be thoroughly cleaned. The floor will be vacuumed and washed, the kitchen bin will be wiped and disinfected too. Of course, our end of tenancy cleaning service is entirely tailored to correspond to your needs so if there are items in addition to the above which have to be taken care of, our cleaning teams will clean them too.

    Your house or flat will be efficiently and economically cleaned to the absolute maximum possible, no matter its location – End Of Tenancy operates in the entire Canbury. Our cleaners always work with the most efficient cleaning products, tools and equipment. This not only guarantees the safety, good functioning and professional quality of the cleaning as scheduled, but also eliminates the trouble of acquiring, storing and providing all the necessary products, tools and equipment to the cleaners.

    We will do whatever we can to comply with any special requirements, needs or requests, so please let us know whenever there are any. Call us book our Canbury end of tenancy cleaning service and you can go on with your daily routine knowing that every square inch of your premises will be professionally cleaned and refreshed – not a single detail will be left behind by our cleaning experts. We offer a thorough end of tenancy cleaning which completely covers all premises of the rented accommodation.

    Seven days a week, our great value for money service with flexible hours is available at no additional charge. You can ask us whatever you like to know about our second to none cleaning service and get your free quote by call our team at 020 8077 3399 or sending us a message, if you are are looking for the perfect end of tenancy clean.

    Do you fancy to know what of the doorway and staircase area of your house or flat is taken care of our end of tenancy cleaning service in Canbury?

    The answer is crystal clear – when our professionals deliver a service, they take care of each single detail of your entrance and stairs. The cleaning of this particular area is composed of but is not limited to: a removal of any cobwebs from the ceiling, a dusting and wiping of the light switches and fittings, lamps, floor mouldings, as well as a thorough cleaning of exterior and interior doors, door-knobs, door-frames, door-sills, windows and window-sills. Of course, our service is tailored to your needs so if there are any extra items which you would like to be a part of the service, our cleaning teams will clean them too. As an added value to the service, our employees also clear and then clean all refuse bins.

    Another plus is that our end of tenancy cleaners in Canbury utilise the latest cleaning equipment.

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