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    End of Tenancy Cleaning Brixton

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    With End of Tenancy Cleaning London, nothing stands in the way of your anticipation of your new apartment. You can simply star planning, start thinking about what cabinet should fit in which room and possibly even purchase. The last boxes are packed and the big day is here, together with the moving helper and large vans. The majority of tasks is managed, the first night in the new residence can come.

    But are things actually managed? Only too quickly the joy about the new home can be tarnished if we think about what the old apartment looks like now. It may be empty, but still long not thoroughly cleaned. And the prospect of a costly End of Tenancy cleaning creates too much stress and anxiety for most people. Unfortunately, this needs to be done, if you want to have your deposit refunded and look forward to no additional costs.

    An apartment or house must be in perfect condition, which is usually possible, but a great effort. Because even though you have probably cleaned on a daily basis, you’ll now see now that you repeatedly missed some posts over the years, where the dirt has set and is very difficult to remove. This costs time and nerves, especially since in your thoughts you may be over this house. Not to worry! End of Tenancy Cleaning is there for you, no matter if you live in Brixton, Walton, Bexleyheath or Romford!

    We will go through all the rooms and look at what we should do. If necessary, we will even get a list of the chores, so that you can relax that we will complete every single one of them. We will not forget the basement or the attic, the garage, the front yard and the garden, because all of them belong to the House and must be thoroughly cleaned to the deliver to the property owner.

    Our approach:

    • We take a room at a time, because this way we reach faster results, than by only the washing the windows, then the cabinets and after that take it to the ground.
    • We will remember to fill in all the holes, the sockets and light switches, to clean out the window, windowsills, as well, in addition to the radiators, shutters, or roller blinds. We will proceed as thoroughly as possible, so that no second visit is necessary to remedy the deficiencies.
    • The bathroom and the kitchen often need the most of the work during and End of Tenancy cleaning even if there are only small spaces. Because especially lime or grease and oil deposits make cleaning difficult and take time. We will therefore spray the countertop and if necessary also the cabinets in the kitchen with degreasing detergent and leave this work for about a while. In the kitchen, as well as the bathroom, we will clean the sieves and descale the shower and all other fittings.
    • These and many more seemingly small details are the reason why you should hire a professional End of Tenancy cleaning company, such as ours. Here you will find competent and experienced employees. We operate in all areas of Greater London, including Brixton, and even in towns that are a bit further away, however still part of the commuter belt.

    With End of Tenancy Cleaning, you can rest assured that your old residence will be spotless, and while we do our job fast and reliably, our prices are affordable and reasonable. For further information, do not hesitate, and contact us over e-mail, phone or the contact form now!


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